Welcome friends! I am Tatiana Gorshunova and this is my web site. Glad to see you!

My works are presented in the following sections: Painting, Graphics, Collage, Composition and Photos.

The Painting section presents works for purchasing. These works were completed over the past 10 years. The section is subdivided by years. It also includes works created from 1997-2000 along with sold paintings.

The Graphics section contains works made using ink, ballpoint pen, watercolor, and gouache.

In the Composition section you will find my earlier works and genre paintings. Some of them have been displayed in the Ulyanovsk Regional Fine Art Museum. They are here to help you gain a more complete understanding of my art.

The Collage section contains handicrafts representing materials of different textures including textile, sack fabric, sea shells, glass, and tapestry fragments.

In the Photos section you will see what I love, cherish, what is important for me: My favorite objects, friends, and the world around me.

I will be very gratified if my art is interesting and can bring you closer to my world. Let good things and light be with you.